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What is a QR Code?

A QR code - an abbreviation of Quick Response Code - is a two-dimensional code that can encrypt several thousand characters. It can for example store information about the product the code is attached to or link to a destination URL.

What can I use QR codes for?

There are nearly no limits for the use of QR Codes. Simply put your QR code for example on your poster, your business cards, your flyers, packaging or clothing and reach your potential customers & followers provide more information about your product bring potential customers & followers to your (corporate) website or blog promote your social media presence etc.

What advantages does a dynamic QR code offer?

The advantages of a dynamic QR code are obvious. You can subsequently change the encoded destination URL at any time or correct errors without having to change the QR code yourself. This saves your valuable time and money! In addition, every time someone scans your dynamic QR code information is gathered and put into statistics. This way you can easily measure the success of your campaign. A dynamic QR code is also advantageous for long destination URLs, since each dynamic QR code receives its own short URL. This ensures that fewer characters must be encrypted in the code and that the generated QR code graphics can be better printed and read with a QR code scanner.

Why should I pay for a dynamic QR code?

The answer is quite simple: the information in dynamic QR codes can be changed as often as desired, without having to change the QR code itself. Imagine the following situation: You have created a static QR code that you want to link to a subpage of your website. You put these QR codes on countless items such as posters, flyers or packaging. After some time, however, you have to make changes to this subpage or its URL, so the encoded information is out of date and your customers are no longer landing on the subpage where you wanted them to land. Now you have two options: either you can generate a new static QR code that you need to reprint and distribute once again or you can use a more efficient, time and ressource saving option: the dynamic QR Code.

What can I use QR codes for?

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